Alternate jumping jacks (Star jumps)

Alternate Jumping Jacks

I like to call these the Jump AND Jack.

Perform a standard jumping jack. On your second repetition, instead of extending your arms to the side and up, hold them together and extend above your head in a sort of tricep extension style.




High punches (Alternates to uppercuts)

High punches

Stand shoulder width apart, punch up. That’s is. Make sure your fist returns all the way back to your chin and extends all the way out with straight arms.

You can also perform uppercuts if you prefer. You will need to stand in a boxing stance to do so.




Forward punches

Forward punches (Also called Front Punches)

You can stand in boxing stance or stand with feel shoulder width apart.
It’s pretty simple really. Just punch forward. This could be any style punch. As long as your fist is flying forward with straight arms and coming back to ¬†your chin. (Don’t hit your chin of course)






Jumping jacks (Also called Star Jumps)

Jumping Jacks AKA Star Jumps is a very simple, but yet efficient cardio workout.

Start by having your arms straight  beside your hips.
Keep feet together
Now lift of the ground very slightly while you spread the feet apart, and at the same time, spread the hands away from the hips. X action figure

Here are some photos