Interviewing Ben Greenfield, high performance athlete and the author of Beyond Training


It was such a pleasure interviewing Ben Greenfield at the BioHack Summit in London, with Vy from High Achiever Diets.

Here is a summary of our interview with Ben Greenfield, who is amongst the top 100 most influential individual in the fitness industry and a New York Times best seller author. Check out his amazing book, beyond training!

What would you say is one key Bio-Hack any athlete could do to increase performance?

Get extremely resilient to cold temperatures because it shocked me at world champions to see how many people dropped off, had to stop, didn’t finish or got severely slowed down from a simple cold water plunge at the top of the mountain there, that frankly was not that big of a deal. The human nervous system should handle swimming through a cold pool at top of the mountain and getting off and running. It’s not that hard, it’s just that we are broken and nervous system are broken too. And if you expose yourself to cold every day for 5 or 10 minutes that’s all it takes.

How do you get used to or get comfortable in the cold?

Here is where we take a deeper diver. If you are just using cold to calm your nervous system that’s not enough. There are literally dozens of way that you can increase vagal nerve tone. Meditation prayer, breath work, gargling, music, UV light, UV Read More