CrossFit Challenge Day 8 – My first high score


General – Thoughts and what I’ve been up to

From memory

CrossFit got cancelled in the morning due to some emergency

Wakeup time: 5:30AM
Sleep duration: 7H
How am I feeling: Refreshed and super motivated

Today’s program:


The workout

Warmup 4x

Back Squat 6-8 Reps (60-70% Max Rep)

20 Seconds Rest

Kettlebell Swings 15 reps

1 minute rest

Strict Pull-ups 6-8 Reps

1 minute rest



Teams of four – RELAY

Burpee Box Jump Overs

Food and Drinks


A paragraph summary of food, drinks and supplements


Water: 1.5L
Coffee: 2 Cups
Green Tea: 0
Other: Coconut water 500ml


Breakfast: Sausage + Mushrooms +  2 Eggs
Snack #1: Protein Shake
Snack #2: 3x small whipped yogurts
Lunch: Prawns and potatoes in olive oil + olives
Dinner: Large salad + ½ avocado + coconut butter and grass-fed butter


Vitamin D
Protein Shake

CrossFit Challenge Day 7 – London Never Sleeps


General – Thoughts and what I’ve been up to

I lost Day 4, 5, 6,7 ,8 data, due to a computer crash. Fortunately I didn’t lose the videos.

I am re-writing today’s plan based on my memory J

I will use material such as photos and videos taken on the day to put something together.

Wakeup time: 5:00AM
Sleep duration: 4-5H
How am I feeling: Tired

Today’s program:

Todays Workout


Functional Movements

Good mornings

Renegade rows

Turkish get-ups (first half)


Shoulder to overhead press 5 Reps
Box Jumps 10 Reps
Kettlebell Swings 15x

Tips for Turkish Get Ups

Food and Drinks



Can’t really remember, just writing an average daily consumption

Water: 2L
Coffee: 1 Cup
Green Tea: 2 Cups
Other: Coconut Water 300 ML


Pre-workout: Probiotics + Banana
Post-Workout: Protein Shake
Breakfast: 2 Eggs + Potatoes + asparagus + mushrooms


Vitamin D

Protein Shake



CrossFit Challenge Day 3 – Active rest day


General – Thoughts and what I’ve been up to

Wakeup time: 7:00AM
Sleep duration: 7H
How am I feeling: Refreshed

Today’s program:


30 minutes of mobility
15 minutes of meditation
Long Hike


My Workout Of the Day (WOD)


Food and Drinks


I am still away from home on Day 3. Couldn’t get my hands on breakfast till a bit later during the day.


Water: 1L
Coffee: 3 Cups
Green Tea: 2 Cups
Other: Coconut Water 1L


Snack #1:  2x KitKat bars + some sort of patisserie  J

Brunch: 3x Duck eggs, asparagus, mushrooms, ½ avocado, leaf salad, tomatoes, cucumbers

Snack #2: 50g mixed raw nuts

Lunch: little roast duck left over from last night

Snack #3: 50g mixed raw nuts

Dinner: Salmon + salad




I feel great and look forward to tomorrow morning’s WOD


CrossFit Challenge – Day 2

General – Thoughts and what I’ve been up to

Wakeup time: 5:30 AM
Sleep duration: 6 Hours
How am I feeling: I don’t want to get out of bed! Why am I doing this!
On waking up, I felt a bit nauseous, I am think it was because of the late protein shake intake! J

All feedback are more than welcome. I am constantly looking to improve!

The video format will change during the challenge. I might do like a whole day vlog format and some more planning. Each article / video at its current state is taking a few hours to edit etc. I am hoping the process will speed up once I have some sort of system in place.


Today’s program:

Arrived at the gym a bit earlier and performed some basic mobility training.

I didn’t perform very well compared to other team members. To be exact, I came last! J But I felt so great after finishing the workout! I know it sounds a bit corny, but I felt I was ready to face any obstacle in my path at work.

This is one reason I prefer to do a WOD in the morning. Just puts you in a very positive mind-set for the whole day.


My CrossFit Workout Of the Day (WOD)

The first workout was all about gymnastics.

In gymnastics you ask the question: How do I move my own body through space and time?
It’s all about manipulating your own body through space and time as oppose to weight lifting where you would move an outside weight through space and time!


Each movement should take between 30-45 seconds. (Max 2 minute window)

  • L-sit hold (Hold 5 seconds, rest, then repeat)
  • Handstand hold against the wall 35-60 seconds

Repeat for 12 minutes (Should give you 3 rounds of 2 minutes of each workout)

WOD – 4 rounds

  • 14 alternating dumbbell ground to overhead or dumbbell snatches
  • 14 v-ups
  • 400 meter sprint

Repeat 4 times for TIME – 25 minute cap


L-sit hold – Get into a nice upright position (using a pair of box jump, chair or 3x plates on either side of you) Push your bum back, raise your feet as high as you can and hold it (This will set your abs on fire!)

Handstand holds (How to do wall-climbs and handstand holds – CrossFit Style)

How to do alternating dumbbell ground to overhead 

How to do dumbbell snatches

Learning how to do push-ups / Chin-ups for the first time

Food and Drinks


I was away for dinner / breakfast. By the time I arrived at my destination my only option was a takeaway. (Well, could had gone to a supermarket!)



Water: 1.5 L
Coffee: 1 Cup
Green Tea: 4 Cups
Other: –


Pre-workout: None
Post-Workout: Handful of blueberries
Breakfast: 3x large eggs, sweet potatoes, coconut butter, spinach
Snack #1: ½ avocado
Brunch: Protein shake
Octopus (100g), sweet potatoes, handful of olives, broccolis, cauliflower and baby carrots, all mixed in virgin olive oil with a squeeze of fresh lemon, washed down with coconut water with added cinnamon
Snack #2: Yogurt with chocolate chips! (This is not at all healthy! But was nice J )
Snack #3: handful of blueberries + carrot sticks (raw)
Dinner: Take-away Roast Duck + mussels + roast vegetables + tiny amount of white rice with coconut milk


  1. Vitamin D
  2. Protein shake: Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass (I use half the scoop on each serving only. as it has too much carbs in it)


I understand the protein shake I am taking at the moment is not exactly paleo, but I did mention on Day 1, that I am doing some variety of paleo.

I will measure my heart rate at further sessions, where possible.



CrossFit Challenge – Day 1

Challenge Structure


Due to the holiday season, we have skipped the 1st day (Monday) in our 1st week. Thus the first week should be like this:

Monday: Active Rest
Tuesday: Training
Wednesday: Training
Thursday: Active Rest
Friday: Training
Saturday: Training
Sunday: Active rest day

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