Finding time for fitness – Part 1

I talk about time management often here. The truth is, with the correct time management you will be surprised how much you can do in a day!

With time management comes success and discipline.

Before you start time management, you need to monitor your daily habits. You can do this by timing each of your activities. This can be done using a stopwatch or an apps. aTimeLogger is my favorite, which can keep track of your activities.

Monitor your daily habits and doing so you may be surprised how much time you are wasting! One of my clients was shocked to discover she was wasting up to 10 hours a day on trivial things. This was someone who always complained she has no time to exercise.

Here are some of the typical activities that you may be spending more time on than you think:

TV: Most people will switch on the TV to “relax” for a “bit” or catch up on a specific program. Most likely you will spend more time on the TV that originally planned and you won’t even realise this has become a habit. TV is a perfect distraction machine. You are very likely to watch a random program that follows after your intended program. And if it is news, or a documentary, you fool yourself into thinking you are becoming educated by watching the program, and it is necessary.

Things to time using your stopwatch or App include:

  • Shower and bath durations
  • Social media browsing
  • WhatsApp and other messaging services
  • TV / Netflix and other online streaming websites
  • YouTube and other video sharing websites
  • Sleep
  • Cooking and eating
  • Cleaning
  • Commuting
  • Emails
  • News
  • Shopping

Monitor and write down the duration of these activities for a week. After you have some data, try to find a way to cut down the time spent on each activity.

Unfortunately, this could seem very hard at fist. It is most likely that the excess time spent on all the above activities has already become a habit.

Set yourself new daily rituals. Don’t try to get rid off all your bad habits at once. Start with spending 5 minutes less on each activity and cut down daily.

If self-control is hard for you, switch off your Internet access few hours a day to avoid wasting time on social media. Read a book instead or exercise. You can download and print our offline workout guides.

Remember, always plan your day ahead. Set your rituals, set the time you will workout tomorrow and change can happen. You need to be consistent.

Good luck

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Habits of fit people – part one

Five habits of fit people

Habits of sixpack fitness. Abs of fire 5 habits


Fit these five habits into your daily life and you are five steps closer to full health and fitness.


1) Ultra Hydration

There are plenty of reasons to drink water, as I am sure, you have heard that around 60% of your body is made out of water. So logically makes sense that water plays such important role in your health.

You have more water in your body than a fish. Fish don’t sweat, but you do, especially when you exercise. When you sweat, you lose water and a loss of water causes muscle fatigue.

Water also slows down the aging process by keeping your skin healthy and slowing down the wrinkling process. Muscle fatigue is not the most damaging aspect of water loss, your kidneys can suffer too. Fit people drink plenty of water.


2)Fit without excuse

 When did you settle for an excuse rather than a workout?

  • Too many dumplings, too few dumbbells.
  • Muscle’s spraining, I’ll do no training
  • Mood is no good, I’ll hit the snooze
  • I’m just too busy, can’t get too fizzy

Don’t listen to excuses. All the above are just excuses.

A good athlete knows these are just excuses and it is guaranteed that 99% of the time he will be very happy that he didn’t listen to his excuses.

Even with minor injuries, you can still train other parts of the body or at least do some stretching.


3)Time Managers

 Schedule your food intakes to maintain high energy levels and avoid feeling sluggish.

You cannot exercise without Energy, neither can you with a full stomach .

You need to make sure you have had no food


 4)Protocol is no alcohol

 Athletes are very careful what they drink. If they are on a night out, they will stay away from high calorie alcohol with high sugar content such as cider and beer.

Alcohol intake will leave you dehydrated the next day and can cause your energy levels to be lower than usual.


5)They don’t sit at the bar, they raise the bar.

Being fit fit is a lifestyle.

Have you heard the expression, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” ?

Friends who catch up at bars have lower fitness levels than friends who catch up through physical activities.


In a nutshell

 More than 60% of your body is made out of water. Water also helps remove toxic substances from your body and it’s the logical action to drink plenty of water.

If you don’t feel like exercising, ask yourself why. Understand that 99% of excuses are just that, excuses. You will be surprised how much satisfaction you’ll get out of a workout. Your working out will release endorphins in your brain (The Happy hormone)

Eat 2 to 3 hours before your workout.

Drink alcohol occasionally, and only if you plan on having a rest day the following day.

Try to find places other than the pub to meet your friends.