How to get started and navigate through AbsOnFire

Quick tips on where to start 

You OWN a six pack ab already! You just need to shed off the excess fat! In theory it’s really that simple.  Let’s set them abs on fire! Keep reading and I guarantee you WILL get your 6pack abs in no time following these instructions.
If you are a total beginner, or not worked out for a long time, lacking motivation to start or too lazy, then read this article first


We have put together a number of effective and popular workouts in the form of a video. If you would like to browse through our workout videos, then click here

Before you jump into the exercises, it’s always a good idea to stretch! Check out this section for some simple stretches. Make sure you stretch your neck before every workout! Check this out for 3 simple neck stretches.

We are working on a new video series, called “Food Shopping With”. We basically find some healthy and fit people, and follow them around on their normal grocery shopping and get some tips. Our first guest was M-Daddy AKA Merdi. He used to obese and then transformed himself, maybe going a bit too far, he became anorexic, but managed to save himself on time. check out the interview we had with Merdi here.




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