A Fitness Virgin’s steps to a healthier life

Have you sat idle for a long time?

Are you a fitness virgin?

Not sure where to start? Perhaps you’ve never done any activity past your high school PE classes?

The following steps are going to release Adonis or Venus within.


1)Buy the right gear

Go out and buy a pair of running shoes. You don’t need 500dollar Nike shoes, decent shoes can cost as little 25 dollars.

You’ll also need some suitable clothing. And old T-shirt and a pair shorts will do.

A watch is useful for timing your performance.

2)Schedule Your first Run

It’s not hard. Schedule an evening run for tomorrow (Or the day after buying your shoes)

Cut down your carbohydrates (sugar, pasta or grains) on the day.
Eat a lot of fiber (fruit and veg) and good amount of protein (meat and eggs)
Drink plenty of water
Remember to stop eating 3 hours before your run

Stretch for 15 minutes before your run. Do simple stretches, and don’t forget the all-important calf stretches.

Check out  our simple stretch section

Plug in your headphones and play some music or an audio book.
Check out our list of running recommendations

5)Out the Door

Carry a small bottle of water with you and walk for the first 2 minutes. Then speed up for another 2 minutes. By your 5th minute you should find yourself gently jogging. Maintain a steady comfortable speed for about 15 minutes. Sprint for 1 minute. Turn around and jog back home.
Add a minute to your sprint daily.

Head to our Exercise section and have a look at some of our home workouts. Give them a try.

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Eat well, drink well.





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