Viking Up – Gorilla WOD

6 pack ripped gorilla abs

This is a full body intense workout. Mainly targeting the leg muscle groups with great
Stretch before you get to the Bootcamp.


Step 1:
1 K run (Fast)

Sweat dries. Blood clots. Suck it up princess

Step 2:
Stair climbs 60 seconds

Followed by one of the followings + 60 second rest.  Repeat until all the following are finished.

A) Mountain Climbs
B) Elevated Explosive Pushups
C) Burpees
D) 180′ Jumps
E) Straight Leg  Arm-to-toe jumps
F) Elevated One Leg Pushups
E) Plank and Jacks


Easy as driving a Toyota Landcruiser


Baby Viking – Papaya WOD

Abs On Fire 6-pack abs training

Baby Viking Papaya

Circuit training – 60 seconds each – 5-10 second rest / switching time.

Push-ups Wide
High Jumps
Alt Lunge Jumps
180′ Jumps
Prone Cobra
Push Ups (Diamond grip)
High Knees
Mountain Climbs
Stair climbs
1K  Run

Repeat 2x – 30 seconds 2nd round

Bonus: Abs 10 Minute

Easy as falling off a log.






Baby Viking – Coconut WOD

coconut Baby viking abs workout

10 minute warm up

Part 1:
1 minute stair climbs
30 second mountain climbs
30 seconds squats
30 second plank

60 second rest

Repeat 4x

Part 2:
30 second Knee to elbow crunches
30 second single leg Ab rises
30 second Jumping Jacks
30 second Burpees
30 second Front and Back jumps on spot (Or back and front)

NO REST – Repeat 2x

Rest 60 seconds – Restart once more


Easy as pie!





Baby Viking – Blueberry

Part 1:
15 Burpees (Time cap 1:30 minute)
##1 minute rest
10 Burpees (Time cap 60 seconds)
##45 second rest
5 Burpees (Time cap 30 seconds)
##30 Second rest
Part  2:
2x 25 meter Wheelbarrow
2x 25 meter Bearwalk

Part 3:
Back extensions
Band Pull Ups
Prone Cobra

REST 60 seconds –  Repeat 3 sets

15 Burpees (Time cap 1 minute)
##1 minute rest
10 Burpees (Time cap 45 seconds)
##45 second rest
5 Burpees (Time cap 30 seconds)
##30 Second rest


BONUS: 10 minute Abs if we get time







Viking Up – Fox WOD


Part 1:

Back and Abs (3 sets)

Team leg push abs

Part 2:

6 Sets – 30 second each  (Rest 30-60 second at end of the set)

180′ Squat Jumps
Hindu Pushups
3Step Hops (One Hop to front, 3 steps back)
Pushup Jumping jacks

Part 3:

1.0K Sprint (Southsea Skatepark length= 250m = 4x )
15 Burpees



Viking Up – Kangaroo WOD


400M run.
5x{Burpees + 2x Squat Hops}
Dance Twists

Plank position: Knees to arms Alter
Alt arm to knee lunges (30x)

Stair climbs (5x 2Min Climbs – 1 Min Rest)
1 Min Extra rest if required
Stair hops (5x 2 Min Climbs – 1 Min Rest)

Done! Easy! 🙂

Baby Viking – Apple


400m run


ALL OF THE VIKINGS will do one of the Group Viking workouts at the same time between the Individual workouts.

Individual Group Viking
Box Jump
TRX Back
Push-ups Diamond
Jump and Jacks
Kettle-bell Swings
Pushups Wide
Chest Band
Triceps riser
Forearm risers
  1. Plank
  2. Burpees
  3. Squat Jacks
  4. Right Side Plank (Up and Down)
  5. Left Side Plank (Up and Down)
  6. V ups (Touch Toes in seat-up position)
  7. Squat Jumps (Power Jumps)
  8. Front, Back , Right, Left jumps
  9. Seat-ups
  10. Burpees




WOD: Viking Up Ex1 – Full Body AbsOnFire Training


Warm up:
Stair climbs – 2 minute climb 1 minute rest (Repeat 3x)
Forward/Back jumps – 1 minute 30 second rest (Repeat 3x)

*Circuit training* 1 minute each on 1st round, 30 second on 2nd round.

Box Jumps
Wide Arm Pushups
Narrow Arm Pushups
Forearm Triceps Pushup
Seatups (TRX if required)
Russian Twist
Band Chest Press
TRX Back Ext
** Repeat **